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New Hanover

New Hanover

New Hanover Organic Highbush Blueberry

Released in 2007 by North Carolina State University, New Hanover is a mid-season, low-chill cultivar that ripens large to very large berries in early June to mid June (in southeastern NC).  This blueberry matures to a size of 5′-6′ tall and 3′ wide, with a spreading habit.  New Hanover is also self-fruitful (berry size increases with cross-pollination), and has shown very high yields in the lowland areas of the Carolinas, between 12-15# per bush, with some testing showing even higher production rates.  The fruit is very sweet with a light blue color, and ripening is concentrated so picking of the bush should be complete in less than two weeks.  New Hanover also shows resistance to stem blight (Botryosphaeria corticus) and stem canker (B. dothidea).  I added this cultivar to our low chill blueberry plantings here on our farm in 2012.  Since that time, New Hanover has performed well, showing very little freeze injury with no winter protections, but higher yields when covered for the coldest parts of winter (when temps drop below minus 10F).  This is one of my favorite (along with Carteret) new blueberry cultivars, as it has both vigor and such sweet, large blueberries. For field and garden planting I highly recommend  New Hanover for zones 6-9, and for trial in zone 5b (it is worth trying out as it is a very good producer)

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