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Prolific, Early-Ripening Duke Blueberry Bush

  • Prolific Producer of Exceptional Berries
  • Elegant Bell-Shaped White and Pink Spring Flowers
  • Delightfully Colorful Fall Foliage
  • Hardy and Low-Maintenance

Northern Highbush, Early Season

If you want a northern blueberry plant that earns its keep, plant a Duke Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum). This lovely blueberry bush generates such a prolific crop of berries that its branches droop from the weight! Not only does it produce a great haul of berries, but its berries are superb in size and flavor.

Named after the founder of the Atlantic Blueberry Company in Hammonton New Jersey, Duke Galletta, this 1986 Rutgers/USDA release has become the number one Blueberry grown in New Jersey, one of the largest Blueberry growing states in the country.

The Duke Blueberry flowers late to avoid late freezes (but don't fret, because it's fruit ripens early!) And its spring blooms won't disappoint, either. These dainty bell-shaped blossoms are white with a blush of pink. They look like they've been plucked straight out of a fairytale!

Duke Blueberry's ornamental qualities are quite remarkable, as well. This lovely plant makes an excellent hedge. Its green spring-and-summer foliage has a unique leather-like texture. It's also known for showing off during autumn with vibrant yellow and orange leaves.

While this pleasant plant is quite attractive, its ability to produce juicy and tasty blueberries is impressive. The plants vigorous upright growth also made it attractive for ease of harvesting either, in the home garden or you pick farms.

This consistent producer will burst with plenty of fruit year after year. Its berries are medium to large, firm, and stay fresh longer than any other variety. These berries are guaranteed to make you smile with their lightly tart flavor.

One plant can produce 10-15 pounds of medium to large berries that are very firm and tasty and retain their fresh quality over a long period. Dukes can easily be stored by freezing or used in any of the traditional blueberry recipes for cooking, baking or in jams and preserves.

Make friends with the neighbors by sharing these tasty berries. And don't worry, there will be plenty left over for your pies and jam. And if your friends are out of town, you can store these long-lasting berries until their return since they stay fresh for so long.

The only question you should have is "where should I plant one of these fantastic plants?" The Duke Blueberry does best in full sun with acidic soil. It grows upright, so it won't need a whole lot of horizontal space, but you may want to provide it with a little extra support.

Luckily, Duke Blueberry has great disease resistant and is widely adaptable, growing well in zones 4-7. Duke is adapted to areas with higher humidity where it requires full sun to produce high quality berries. In drier climates, mulch and protection from the hot afternoon sun is recommended.

  • Duke requires an acid soil pH of 5.5 or lower in the ground or when grown in containers. Have your soil tested before planting, and work to adjust the soil at the level of the roots well in advance.
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