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The Climax Blueberry is a blueberry bush that produces fruit early in the season with a high yield of large, dark blueberries. Blooming from February to early March, the Climax Blueberry bush will be covered in tiny white and pink flowers. The Climax blueberry bush can reach an astounding size. Generally growing to 6-8 ft. tall, the Climax blueberry bush will provide an abundance of blueberries year after year.

The Climax blueberry bush will produce ripe fruit from May to June in the southern growing region. The Climax Blueberry plant can be planted in partial shade to full sun, but is recommended to plant in full sun to obtain the highest possible fruit yield. When planted in full sun, ensure that the plant receives regular water to avoid allowing the soil to dry out.

Many blueberry varieties are self-fruiting; however, the Climax Blueberry requires cross-pollination to produce fruit. Below are some recommendations for the most effective cross-pollinators. Blueberries are categorized as a super fruit. High in vitamin C, antioxidants, and low in calories; blueberries are a great snack that are highly beneficial to your health.

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